Photo Tips

Photo Tips 

Mr. Taylor will need a certain  amount of detail in your photo to create your commissioned artwork. Please follow these guidelines for choosing (or taking) a photo for Mr. Taylor to work from.

  • The most important aspect of the image is to have very clear features in the face of the subject.
  • For portraits of people your photo should show the entire face, eye color and hair-style of the subject.
  • Pet and home portraits need a photo with sharp detail and not be blurry.
  • The higher the resolution, the better! If you are taking a photo for us, use the “best” (or “highest”) settings that your camera offers.

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Example of A Good Photo

(Person Portrait)

This photo is composed primarily of the subjects head and shoulders and shows good detail in the face.

Example of A Bad Photo 

(Person Portrait)

This photo was taken of the subjects entire body and there is not enough sharp detail in the face because of the distance from the camera.

Example of a Good Photo (Home Portrait)

This photo is perfect for a portrait because the home is filling the entire frame of the photo and is sharp in detail.

Example of a Bad Photo (Home Portrait)

This photo does show the entire home but there is too much road (in the foreground). We prefer the home to fill up most of the frame (which this does not!)

Example of a Good Photo (Pet Portrait)

This photo will make a great portrait. The dog’s head is filling the frame and there is good detail in eyes and face.

Example of a Bad Photo (Pet Portrait)

In this photo the dog is too small to see any detail in the face. There is too much grass and not enough dog filling the photo.