How Your Commissioned Artwork Is Created

Take a look at the process in having your own William Lloyd Taylorâ„¢  original artwork hanging in your home…

1. Send your Photo to Us-It’s Free!

Choosing a good photo to work from is the key to Mr. Taylor creating a masterpiece for you. You should make sure that the subject of your photo (person, pet, house, etc.) is in good lighting and is in focus (blurry photos don’t show the detail that we need). NOTE: There is no charge or deposit needed to submit a photo.

2. Your Photo Is Reviewed

Our team will review your photo and then get final approval from Mr. Taylor. You will receive an email from us to let you know if we can use your photo. If Mr. Taylor is not able to work from your photo, you can email a different photo for his review.

3. The Artist Does His Magic

Artist William Lloyd Taylor will create your artwork using his proprietary techniques. Once your artwork is finished, we will email you a preview copy for your final approval.

4. Choose Your Frame 

We offer several different styles and colors of frames for you to choose from. Our studio will frame your artwork and then send it to your home. 

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